3 Day Series 
Our popular 3 day swim skills 'full series' course covering freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly, along with starts, turns and medley turns. 
Masters Course 
For Masters Swimmers of all ages. All the work is short distance, high quality using drill progressions developed by our Head Coach, Russ Barber. 
Freestyle & Backstroke 
Our courses are a unique opportunity to work on stroke development with a carefully structured programme of drill progressions developed by a top GB coach 
Starts & Turns 
Starts & Turns courses are an amazing opportunity to work on these vital skills in a structured, technique focused environment with an expert GB coach 
Breaststroke & Butterfly 
Work on your technique with a GB coach to understand how the strokes work and why the techniques we teach you are important to your development 
Individual Medley (IM) 
Individual Medley (IM) is the cornerstone of all swimmers' development and our courses are a great opportunity for swimmers to learn from top GB coaches 
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