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Swim Skills was founded over 20 years ago by Bill Furniss, coach to Double Olympic Champion Rebecca Adlington.

The unique Swim Skills Method involves a carefully structured programme of drills and skill development work that makes swimming skills easy to understand, giving you the opportunity to build the habits of swimming success.

All the pool sessions are led by Top GB Coaches assisted by leading sport scientists.

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Each Course is designed with you, the Swimmer in mind.
We recognise that not everyone is of the same ability so we have a range of courses that cater for all ASA registered club swimmers aged from 9 to 16 years

The courses we offer include:

Essential Starts & Turns

Starts & Turns courses are an amazing opportunity to work on these vital skills in a structured, technique focused environment with expert coaches

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Essential Strokes

Our Strokes courses are a unique opportunity to work on stroke development with a carefully structured programme of drill progressions developed by a top GB coach.

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Gold Medal Strokes

Courses available include Breaststroke and Butterfly & Front Crawl and Backstroke
Understand how the strokes work and why the techniques we teach you are important to your development.

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Gold Medal Starts & Turns

Using a carefully structured programme of progressive skill development, you will be guided to make real improvements in your techniques.

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I did Swim Skills clinics when I was an age-grouper and the techniques and drills I learnt then I still use now...

Rebecca Adlington, Double Olympic Champion